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With over a decade of application security work, BCC Risk Advisory has defined a unique hybrid verification methodology that has proven efficient and cost-effective across a wide range of applications and industry sectors. Our reviews are comprehensive as we've integrated code review with automated code analysis, vulnerability scanning and application penetration testing to allow us to use the most effective techniques possible.

Our grey-box penetration test uses this hybrid verification approach, combining the strengths of automated scanning, manual code review, and manual penetration testing. Unlike our other verification services, this security review is designed to provide a quick insight into application security using a risk based approach.

Our staff has experience of performing vulnerability analysis and penetration testing of over 1500 production systems for many global organizations in industries such as finance, government and energy. Our company focus is on quality, consistency and accuracy with an aim to assisting our clients in dealing with real risks to their businesses by virtue of weaknesses in their systems and infrastructure.

Our Deliverables:

BCC Risk Advisory reports include an executive summary focusing on the real world business impact which has been fine-tuned from 1,000's of hours of experience in security assessments. Our detailed findings can serve as evidence of application security due diligence and compliance and each finding includes a risk rating, business impact and indicative resource estimate in order to remediate the issue.

Mobile Application Security

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As technology advances mobile devices and smartphones in today's world lay open to attacks. Hackers may have various motives to target mobile devices and applications, such as getting access to your device to sniff connections, spam others or steal sensitive business data. Attackers also might want to gather personal data, cardholder data and other credentials. Common attack points can be data storage systems, binaries and platforms. Our mobile security services include